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Weekly Small Group Mastermind Meetings

Each week, you will meet with your group of 4-5 fellow mamapreneurs, plus your facilitator. Your host will give you a 15-20 minute presentation over a business-related topic, then you will get a chance to work with your mastermind group to write new goals and an action plan for reaching them! 

Unlimited Whole Group Support and Trainings

Join the Facebook community, where you will receive in-depth trainings monthly on all things related to business from other mamapreneur experts! Ask questions and get answers from group experts and other mamapreneurs. Our space is infininte - there is room for everyone!

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Meet Your Mastermind Facilitator! 

Hi, I'm Courtney! I love working with mamapreneurs - because I know how hard you work. You balance it all - or attempt to. You may be overwhelmed, stressed, touched-out, but trying your best each and every day to succeed. Each night before you go to bed, you have to decide whether you truly need a break, or if you can do the million things that need done around the house, OR the million-and-one things that need done for your business. I GET IT! From mamas wanting to start legit businesses, to mamas needing a community to learn, share, and grow with - I am HERE for you! 

I have a Bachelor's of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences Education (Home Economics!), with a minor in interpersonal relationships. I taught high school FCS classes for 4 years before I had my baby, River in February of 2022. I have a passion for education and helping people - which is why I started Mamapreneur Mastermind! During my teaching career, I decided to open a Virtual Assitance business, and I did that for 2 years while teaching. I learned so much! 

When I had my baby, I decided to put my VA business on the backburner so I could focus on being a new mom, postpartum, my changing family dynamic, and new ventures. As a VA, I did a lot of one-time projects and was constantly having to apply for new job opportunities, which took a lot of time. When I wanted to start back up again, I decided to niche down to bookkeeping - then I niched down to bookkeeping for mamapreneurs! As a new bookkeeper, I knew I needed a community. I searched for a small-group learning community and found NADA! So what did I do? I created one! 

My Bookkeeping Mastermind Group (BMG for short!) was started in January 2023 and I LOVE it! I love facilitating the meetings each week and talking individually to each member. I love researching and providing helpful resources. I love being able to meet one-on-one with the members and sharing my processes and helping them solve problems. So here I sit, on a Friday night, planning out a Mamapreneur Mastermind community so I can keep doing what I love - helping mamas grow their business so they can stay at home with their kids and build a thriving, successful income for themselves and their families to prosper. I built this for moms by moms - even the group experts are moms! All moms need a group for support, and I want the Mamapreneur Mastermind to be that for you. 

Is the Mastermind right for me?

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Does this sound like the perfect group for you to learn, grow, and thrive as a mamapreneur? 

Join us now! Fill out the form at the link below, and receive an email to schedule a one-on-one to see where you currently are in your business process and ensure she has a group that will fit your needs. 



So how does this work? 

You submit your application

Fill out the application to the best of your ability, so Courtney can get to know you!

You chat with Courtney

Further talk with Courtney about your strengths, weaknesses, hopes, dreams, and goals so she can fit you into the best mastermind cohort.

Courtney sends you the details

Including when your cohort meets and your 12-week learning plan personalized to your cohort's needs and goals.

You invest in your community!

Everything Courtney sends you sounds exactly like what you need and want in your life, so you make the decision to become a Mamapreneur Mastermind Member! 


The Mamapreneur Mastermind is a 12-week program (three months). Each quarter builds upon the last quarter, so you are highly encouraged to stay in your group quarter to quarter! Each quarter is a $250 investment - which includes the goal setting intensive with Courtney, 12 weeks of weekly mastermind meetings faciliated by Courtney or a guest expert, unlimited access to the Mamapreneurs Mastermind community group, and 3 monthly expert-led trainings. Payment for each quarter is due before the first week of the mastermind meetings. 

This price will not last! Sign up now to get it at this price - it's crazy all the VALUE you will get for this! When you sign up for this rate, you will be locked in for 1 full year - so even if Quarter 4 goes up in price for new members, you will stay at this original investment! 

Currently, we are enrolling for Quarter 3: July, August, and September. Applications are due June 16. Courtney will conduct one-on-ones with you until June 23. If you will be a great fit for a Mamapreneur Mastermind group, Courtney will reach out to you by June 28! Payments for Quarter 3 are due June 30. 

Not ready quite yet?

If you aren't sure about joining the mastermind for this quarter, fill out the Next Quarter form below to receive emails when the Mamapreneur Mastermind is open for applications again!